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Since 1998, the business in Germany has been more of a sideline, as I have helped my cousin's company. It has brought him much fame and fortune. Later, a new colleague came along, who brought resentment to the company. The postings were falsified and there were discrepancies. I left the company after an accident at work.
It is bad when the ideals built up are destroyed by one who acts out of greed. So I wanted to keep my distance so as not to become a criminal.
Unfortunately, the pay in the family was not intended for the end of one's life, even the trade association could not understand that one is paid so badly for such work. It was the biggest mistake of my life, but from harm comes wisdom.
In the middle of the pandemic, I emigrated to my wife in Macau. The authorities were amazed that there were people who put up with such hardships.
I will go into more detail on this on my blog.
In the mid-1990s, I made my money with affiliate marketing. It wasn't called that at the time, it was simply selling for a small fee for the service provided. I had several websites and attracted people from all over the world to have a great holiday in Thailand. Normally I've always wanted to do this.

Now I have set up my company in Macau. The name consists partly of Macau and Saxony. As a twin you have two hearts...

- My love for Macau and my love for Saxony.



Who we are?

We is a bit pompous at the moment, because the burden sharing is currently only with me. I will strengthen my team in the future

Wieland Kleinert

Wieland Kleinert

Wieland Kleinert

Our Company

We are located in Macau and work worldwide.

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